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Pets have become extensions of our families so we want to take them with us wherever we go. Today, over 40% of Americans are traveling with their pets on a regular basis. Chewzees Snack Shack™ provides reliable, high-quality treats that are healthy and safe for these on-the-go pets. All of our treats are 100% natural, and they are made and sourced in the USA.


What’s More…

Chewzees Snack Shack™ has the widest selection of treats available for the convenience market including crunchy chews, soft moist meat sticks, baked snacks and smoked bones that are sure to satisfy any dog, big or little, at affordable prices.
Our Products

Real Meat Treats

Real meat treats are sure to be a crowd pleaser for any dog. Chewzees Snack Sticks are made in a USDA facility with human-grade ingredients.

Smoked Bones + Treats

These SINGLE SOURCE treats are made AND sourced in the USA. Chewzees Natural Smoked Treats are slow roasted for 33 hours to bake in flavor.

Natural Chews

Chewzees Original Beef and Rabbit Sticks and Crunch Bars are made with a proprietary manufacturing process from USA sourced rawhide and a unique premium protein. These chews are crunchy for teeth, but easier to digest then traditional rawhide.

Oven Baked Treats

Chewzees Bakery Bones are wheat, corn and soy free. In a convenient 3oz package, these are great for training or dogs on the go!

we love feedback

It helps us to ensure that Treat Planet products are the best tasting treats on the planet.  As a Treat Planet Treat Tester you will receive a monthly shipment of some of your favorite Treat Planet treats at half the retail price.

how it works

You pay us $4/month, and we will send you a tasty treat selection with a retail value of AT LEAST $7.99  AND THE SHIPPING IS ON US.  What we ask in return, is that you provide your honest feedback to help us ensure that we continue to offer the best treats on the planet.

what’s next?

Want to get started? Please click the ‘JOIN NOW!’ button below, and you will be re-directed to our signup page on the Treat Planet website. After filling out the form, your credit card will be charged the initial monthly rate of $4.00, and will be billed monthly with an automatic renewal, but rest assure, it is easy to PAWS your membership at any time. With a 12 month commitment.

• Please Note: Due to importing policies/procedures, our Treat Tester program is open to U.S. customers only at this time.

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